“All India Carrom Federation aims to maintain India’s pre-eminent position in elite carrom, and to remain world leader in our approach to the game and the results we achieve. We also aim to make carrom a competitive sport for everyone – a sport that can be adopted and enjoyed by Indians of all ages, genders and backgrounds.”

Achieving this vision will require the collective efforts of the Indian carrom community which includes the leading administrative bodies – State Associations, District Associations, Associate Members, carrom clubs, schools and many thousands of volunteers throughout the country. It encompasses carrom players and coaches from our national teams through to beginners and club players. All members of the community have a part to play.


“To encourage, promote, develop and administer carrom at all levels in order to maintain Indian carrom as a world leader and a sport for everyone. This will be done through managing India’s international high performance programme and maximizing participation, enjoyment and community profile.”