Future Plans

  • To get the game of carrom upgraded by the Government of India
  • To get the game of carrom included in ‘National Games’
  • To construct exclusive ‘Carrom Stadium’ in/or around Delhi
  • To start residential Carrom Academy
  • To get full fledged membership of the Indian Olympic Association
  • To help the International Carrom Federation in getting the game of carrom included in Asian Indoor Games, SAF Games, Commonwealth Games, etc.
  • To get the game of carrom included in the activity calendar of Central Schools, College/University Associations.
  • To start special training courses for trainers (coaches) and umpires in association with Sports Authority of India
  • To make promotional films for marketing of this game besides educational films on ‘How to Play’ and ‘Rules of the Game’.
  • To fully computerize the technical working of all tournaments including ‘draws’, smaller electronic score boards.
  • To have a special software for creating database of all type of records of all National Championships and All India Tournaments
  • To try to get more and more jobs for carrom players who excel at national and international level
  • To shift focus on media publicity and marketing of this game