1. All tournaments organized under the auspices of the Federation and / or with the approval of the Federation, shall be open to ‘registered’ players from State Associations/Associate Members affiliated to the Federation. However, direct entries from individual players where no State Association is in existence, may be accepted, at the discretion of the Federation.
  2. It is compulsory for every player to get himself/herself registered with the Federation every year before he/she participates in any tournament conducted by the District/State Association/Associate Member or the Federation.
  3. Each year, by 31st May, every player must apply for registration/renewal in the prescribed form along with latest photograph.
  4. A player once registered with a particular unit will not be allowed to represent another unit until and unless he/she seeks transfer as per transfer policy by 31st May.
  5. The registration Fees is Rs.30/- per player per year. The Registration Cards issued shall be renewed every year. The renewal fee shall be the same i.e. Rs.30/-.
  6. All those players who are not registered members of the Federation shall NOT be allowed to participate in any activity of the Federation without any warning or notice. In case any player who is not a registered member and found to be participating in any Championship/Tournament, shall be stopped from playing further and disciplinary action initiated.
  7. The Federation shall invariably verify the registration cards of players before or during any Championship/Tournament.
  8. If a player registers himself/herself as a member of particular unit, he/she remains the member of that particular unit even if he/she does not participate in any tournament conducted by the Federation during the last and/or current year. He/she can represents a new unit only after getting the transfer as per rules of the Federation.
  9. The registered players or officials of any affiliated unit shall not be allowed to represent the other affiliated units of the AICF either as a player or as a Manager/Coach or in any other capacity in any Championship/Tournaments. However, officials representing a particular unit in any Tournament of senior category can represent the other unit in sub-junior and junior nationals.
  10. Players of those units who do not clear their dues towards Registration Fee shall not be allowed to participate in any Championship/Tournament.
  11. The card, if lost, shall be reported to the police and copy of the report sent to the Federation for issue of a duplicate card with a request through the concerned unit and fee of Rs.50/- for issue of duplicate card. The new card would be issued for the same period for which the old card was issued.