Technical Directors/Delegates

  1. The Technical Director/Delegate, on appointment by AICF should submit to the Organizing Secretary a list of general and technical equipments and also a list of items containing inter-alia the draft of such material that are required to be printed viz. team championship slips, score cards, etc. to enable him to keep them in readiness well before the championship/tournament. The Technical Director/Delegate immediately on arrival at the place of the championship should personally check and take control of those items to ensure their free flow to the playing arena.
  2. A day before the championship he should inspect the venue, finalise the plan in consultation with Tournament Director regarding demarcation of board area, electric fittings, placement of carrom boards, Chief Referee’s desk etc. To the extent possible he should in consultation with the Organizing Secretary ensure availability of some space with at least 15 chairs exclusively for Umpires to relax, when not umpiring the matches. A separate room at the venue with adequate furniture, computers, stationery should be provided for the General Secretary, AICF and be marked as “AICF office”.
  3. He should inspect the standard equipments to see that they are as per prescribed specifications.
  4. He shall
    – supervise the preparation of fixtures and schedule of matches
    – establish good rapport with the Tournament Director, Organizing Secretary, Chief Referee and Media.
    – keep close liaison with stadium committee.
    – ensure that adequate arrangements are made for practice sessions, the timings of which he shall fix in consultation with the
    Tournament Director and the Organizing Secretary.
    – ensure that the results of the matches are timely prepared and given to the Media Committee for distribution among the Media
    – ensure availability of appropriat number of umpires and coordinates with host Association for local umpires
    – ensure timely implementation of schedule of matches.
  5. He shall be responsible for checking the age certificates and deciding upon the eligibility of players to participate in junior/sub-junior National Championships. Services of an authorised medical practitioner may, if required, be requisitioned in consultation with Tournament Director.
  6. He shall supervise the certification of strikers


Function and Responsibilities of the Chief Refree

  1. The Chief Referee shall administrate, supervise, control the proceedings of the Championship and give decisions on matters referred to him in the course of a match.
  2. The Chief Referee shall be responsible for
    – preparation of fixtures
    – preparation of schedule of matches
    – allocation of duties among the Asstt. Chief Referees and guiding them in the proper upkeep of all records i.e. Championship Register (in the enclosed format), score card file, etc. etc.
    – appointment of Umpires. For Semi-final and Final rounds the appointment of Umpires shall be made in consultation with Tournament Director/Technical Director.
    – maintaining good rapport with Tournament Director, Technical Director and Organizing Secretary.
    – giving rulings on all matters concerning a match covered or not covered by Laws of Carrom. This responsibility must not be delegated to any of his Assistants except during emergencies like his unavoidable absence from the playing area.
  3. He is competent
    – to decide whether play may be suspended in emergency
    – to decide whether players may leave the playing area
    – to delegate any powers and responsibilities conferred on him to any of the Asstt. Chief Referees. Such delegations, when made and the duration for which made, shall be made known to all concerned.
    – to replace an umpire, if considered absolutely desirable and necessary for the smooth conduct of the championship tournament.
  4. The Chief Referee/Asstt. Chief Referee or a responsible person deputed as a ‘Referee’ and appointed to exercise authority in their absence shall remain present at the desk/ playing area at all times during play.
  5. He should critically observe the functioning, behaviour and uniform of Umpires during the championships and submit within a week of completion of such championship a report to the General Secretary, AICF with a copy to the Chairman, Referees Sub-Committee.
  6. He shall make available to the Tournament Director, Technical Director/ Delegate, Media Committee etc. the results and information required to be passed on to the print and other media.
  7. On completion of each tie in the Team Championship event, the result should also be posted in the CHART exhibited at some strategic place at the venue for the information of all.
  8. He should hand over the records, complete in all respect and signed by all desk officials to the General Secretary, AICF immediately after completion of the championship.

Duties and Responsibilities of Asstt. Chief Referees

The Assistant Chief Referee shall perform such duties as may be allocated to him by the Chief Referee. The following duties may preferably, at the discretion of the Chief Referee, be assigned to the Asstt. Chief Referee

  1. Maintenance of the Championship Register in the prescribed format adhering to the instructions issued by the AICF on the subject.
  2. Issuance of the Team Championship slips to the Managers/Captains of the participating teams.
  3. Preparation of score cards for each session of play after filling in the requisite columns for handing over to the board Umpire.
  4. Receipt of score cards from the Umpires after completion of the match.
  5. Close scrutiny of the score cards to see that the scores are correctly entered therein, the Slams if any scored are prominently exhibited in the column against the relevant board number, the details viz. time, board number, etc. in respect of the protest, if lodged have been adequately noted, the signature of all concerned viz. loser, winner & board umpire are recorded. The Asstt. Chief Referee where necessary may note down his comments on the score cards regarding its preparation by the board Umpire. After the score card is authenticated by the Chief Referee it should be entered in the Championship Register.
  6. Filing of score cards and team championship slips event wise and in serial order in separate guard files.
  7. Scrutiny of all team championship slips to ensure that names of participants entered therein by the concerned Manager/Captain are out of the total names initially submitted for such team.
  8. Compilation and keeping in readiness all informations that need to be passed on to the Tournament Director /Technical Director and Media Committee for Media personnel etc.
  9. Maintenance of list of qualified, candidate and local Umpires whose services are availed of during the Championship.
  10. Maintenance of an attendance register for the Umpires. This register should among other things contain column for time of reporting to the Chief Referee and present postal address together with telephone number, if any.
  11. Certification of strikers of all participants.
  12. Supply of all material viz. carrom men sets, powder containers, score cards, brushes, pens, dusters, etc. to the board Umpires.
  13. The Asstt. Chief Referee must not suo motto acquire the powers enjoyed by the Chief Referee unless a specific delegation to this effect is made by the Chief Referee in consultation with the Tournament Director and Technical Director.

Duties and Responsibilities of Umpires

Umpires are backbone of the Championship. Its successful conclusion depends largely on the efficient, honest, impartial and diligent working of the Umpires. They have to be above board and disciplined. They must keep their cool even in very provocative circumstances.

They are required..

  1. to be well versed in the Laws of Carrom
  2. to be present at the venue from the time of their reporting to the Chief Referee to the completion of the day’s schedule
  3. absence from the venue should be with the permission of the Chief Referee
  4. to be in the prescribed uniform
  5. to examine the condition of the Carrom Board, hanging light, etc.
  6. to introduce himself to the players to ensure that correct players have reported for the match.
  7. to be polite and friendly with the players and spectators
  8. to write the score cards legibly filling in all the columns properly and providing on the score cards all necessary information regarding Slams, protests, etc.
  9. to announce loudly the score on completion of each board
  10. to return the playing material etc i.e. carrom men set, powder container, brush, pen, hard board, and score card immediately on completion of the match to the concerned officials.

Instructions on the maintenance of the Championship Register

  • The Championship Register may preferably be maintained in two seperate volumes i.e. One for Men/Boys and the other for Women/Girls. However, if only one Register is available, it should be distinctly divided into two parts seperately for Men/Boys & Women/Girls.
  • Name of the Championship/Tournament, place & venue, dates of the Championship should be dearly and legibly written on the Cover and the first page of the Register.
  • The pages in the register may be serially numbered.
  • Each event viz. Team Championship, Singles, Doubles, Veterans, position matches etc. may be allotted separate special folios. For example, Team Championship may be allotted Page No.1 to …….., for Single Matches Page No ………… to …………. & so on. The result of each event starting from the first match to final round must be entered on the page allotted.
  • Index for all the events may be prepared on the First Page.
  • For Team Championship, the particulars viz Men or Women Team Championship, Time/Session, Zone No., Names of the Teams may be noted in Red ink before recording the results of each match of the tie in the following Performa:


Sl. No. No. of the Match Name of the player / State Vs
  1st Singles
2nd Singles
3rd Singles
(1) (2) (3)