The All India Carrom Federation (AICF) was formed on 4th March 1956 at Chennai with Madras, Saurashtra, Bombay, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Hyderabad as its affiliated units. Dr. M. Chenna Reddy, the then Minister for Agriculture & Food, Planning & Rehablitation, Hyderabad State was elected as the first President of the Federation while Dr. R.S. Cunniah of Madras was elected as its General Secretary. After formation of the apex body, well-knit State level Associations took over the control, management and organization for the game in their respective regions. At present, the Federation has 30 State level bodies and 18 Institutions of all India character as its affiliates.

“The Federation was registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 7th July 1977. It is also registered under Section 12A read with Section 12AA of the Income Tax Act 1961 and under Section 80G (5) VI of the Income Tax Act 1961.”

The Federation was recognized by the Government of India/Sports Council of India on 26th October 1970 and is getting regular grant-in-aid for its national championship from the Government. The Government of India has sanctioned a post of Assistant Secretary for the Federation. The Indian Olympic Association recognized the Federation during October 1997. The Federation is affiliated to the International Carrom Federation and the Asian Carrom Confederation.

The Federation controls and supervises all carrom activities in India through its affiliated State Associations and District Associations. It organizes every year national championships for senior players, veteran Players (above 45 years of age), youth players (below 21 years of age), junior players (below 18 years of age), sub-junior players (below 14 years of age) and cadet players (below 12 years of age) in both male and female. It also organizes Inter-Institution National Championship and All India Federation Cup Carrom Tournament every year. It has already organised more than a total of 144 national championships. It also conducts Zonal/Inter-Zonal, Regional and All India Ranking and Invitation Prize Money Tournaments.

The Federation has also made bilateral arrangements with various countries for organizing Test Series. Sri Lanka, Germany and U.K. are playing Test Series with India on regular basis. Besides Test Series, it organizes international events to bring awareness about this game in the country. It has already organised two World Carrom Championships in India during 1991 and 2000, the World Cup Carrom Tournament during 2006 and the SAARC Countries Carrom Championship during 2004 all at New Delhi. Besides, it has organised Asian Carrom Championships in 2007 at Raipur, in 2009 at Pune and in 2013 at Kolkata and SAARC Countries Carrom Championships in 2007 at Nagpur, in 2009 at Mumbai and in 2013 at Kolkata. Moreover, it is deputing Indian teams to all international tournaments and to prepare the teams, it organizes coaching camps before all international events.

It makes sure that all State and District Associations conduct State and District Championships regularly and are working aptly for the promotion of this game. As part of promotional activities, it has put emphasis on inclusion of this game in the activity calendar of schools and colleges. It has started Carrom Academies for residential training programmes besides organizing coaching camps of shorter duration in different States. It has launched various schemes for the welfare of players. It is helping carrom players in getting jobs under sports quota and lot of carrom players have got good jobs. The Federation has shifted its focus on Media publicity and marketing of this game