No player / person can participate in the National Carrom Championships or in any All India Carrom Tournament directly . Entries for such championships are to be sent by the affiliated State Associations and Institutions. The State Associations select their teams on the basis of State Championships and even in the State Championships players are deputed by the District Associations. However, direct entries from players belonging to the State/UT where there is no State Association can be accepted.
Six male and six female players each can represent their States/UTs in the national championships.
Players are invited for international competitions on the basis of their position in the National ranking every year. The National Ranking is arrived at on the basis of their performance and points secured by them in various Ranking championships/tournaments organised by the Federation during the year. However, their selection is subject to their performance in the Coaching Camp or selection trials.
Men: A. Maria Irudayam (1991 & 1995), R.M. Shankara (2000 & 2004) and Yogesh Pardeshi (2008)
Women : Anuraju (1991), G. Revathy (1995), Rashmi Kumari (2000), S. Appoorva (2004) and I. Ilavazhaki (2008)
Every carrommen (both white and black) carries 1 point each and the Queen carries 3 points. The player who completes pocketing all his c/m first, wins the board by the number of c/m of the opponent remaining on the Carrom Board at the time of finish of the board. Value of the Queen is credited to the player only if he wins the board and loser does not get the value of the Queen even if has pocketed and covered the Queen. Once a player reaches the score of 22, he loses the advantage of getting the credit of 3 points of Queen. Once a player pockets all his c/m, it is called completion of a Board and when he reaches 25 points it is called a game. A game (upto pre-quarter final rounds) is restricted to maximum of 8 boards. In case no player scores 25 points at the end of 8 boards, the player who is leading at the end of the 8th board is the winner of the game. Every match is decided on the basis of best of three games. All Quarter-final, Semi-final, Final matches are decided on the basis of best of three games of 25 points without any restriction of number of boards.
No. Use of ivory strikers is banned. Earlier ivory strikers were in use.
A player can join any club or the District Association and start playing in the local competitions. If he qualifies he can represent the District in the State Championships and if he qualifies again, can participate in the national championships.
Yes, carrom players, who are Government servants or are working in PSUs, are entitled as per Government of India orders for Special Casual Leave or for being treated ‘as on duty’ with Travelling/ Dearness Allowance by their offices for their participation in national/international tournaments.
Boric powder is normally used as a powder for play. However, in Europe and USA potato starch of different kinds is used on Carrom Boards for play.
A. Maria Irudayam (2 times world champion and 9 times national champion) was conferred with Arjuna Award in 1996.