For the Players, Umpires and Officials participating in International Events

  1. They are required to attend/participate in the inaugural and prize distribution functions and to play the matches in the prescribed dress without exception.
  2. Whereas the transport will be arranged by the hosts , they should be ready to leave for the venue with appropriate dress and kit at the appointed time to enable them to report at the venue atleast 30 minutes before the time slated for the commencement of the schedule.
  3. The manager of the team, in consultation with the Coach/Captain of the team will select and field the team for each tie in the Team Championship Event, which is not open for discussion, in any manner and at any stage during the tour.
  4. They must not give any interviews to any publicity media on any matter relating to that particular championship in which they are participating, whether it be before, during or after the championship.
  5. They will not visit any place on their own, accept felicitations, gifts, etc. and play exhibition matches without the explicit permission of the manager.
  6. They should not approach the hosts/organisers for any of their requirements or difficulties. Manager of the team will only be too happy to help them in the best possible manner.
  7. They should not consume liquour during the entire tour including the flights.
  8. Chief Refree/Umpires work in an impartial manner for the smooth conduct of any Championship/Tournament. They are expected to extend full co-operation to them. Their decisions must not be challenged/criticised except in a manner as laid down in the Laws Of Carrom.
  9. Humility should be their moto. In their dealings, behaviour and action, country’s image should remain uppermost in their mind.
  10. Their performance both on and off the field shall be closely watched. Any act to vitiate the atmosphere and relationship with other players/officials shall be seriously viewed.
  11. They are expected to maintain most cordial and praiseworthy relations with one and all they come into contact.
  12. Discussions on political situations in any country must be avoided while on foriegn soil.
  13. No player/Official is permitted to display ‘logo’ of any institution/body/oragnisation on uniform/striker or in any other way without the specific written permission of the AICF.
  14. No player /official is allowed to sell playing equipments including strikers during the entire tour.