Role of Federation

All Championships/Tournaments at National / Inter-State / All India level shall be held under the direct control of the All India Carrom Federation. The Authority to guide, direct, and control such championship/tournament rests with the Federation and the organizers should act accordingly. All tournaments at National / Inter-State / All India level must be held with prior approval/sanction of AICF

Laws for the Tournaments

All championships/tournament approved by the Federation shall be held as per ‘Laws of carrom’ adopted by the AICF.

Categories of the Tournaments and Tournament Fee

The following are the categories of championships/tournaments to be organized under the auspices of the AICF. The tournament fee for such tournaments is mentioned against each category.

1. Senior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 10,000*
2. Junior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 10,000*
3. Sub-Junior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 10,000*
4. Federation Cup Carrom Tournament 5,000
5. All India Ranking Tournament 5,000
6. All India Invitation (Prize Money) Carrom Tournament 5,000
7. International Test Match 5,000
8. Institutional National Carrom Championship 5,000
9. Any Other Tournament approved by the Federation 10,000
10. Zonal Carrom Championships 5000 **

* The fee of Rs.10,000/- would be charged only in case the government Grant is released for these Nationals otherwise the tournament fee shall be Rs 5,000/- each.

** The fee of Rs.5,000/- would be charged only in case the Government Grant is released for these Zonal otherwise the tournament fee shall be Rs 1,000/- each.

Tournament Fee, as mentioned above, shall be remitted by Demand Draft or in cash to the Federation. Fifty per cent fee shall be remitted at the time of seeking permission and the balance 15 days before the Championship/Tournament.

In case any unit, after remitting advance Tournament Fee, does not organize the sanctioned Tournament, that Fee shall be forfeited by the Federation and shall not be refundable.

In case any unit shows its inability to organize the allotted championship/tournaments and inform the Federation in writing in 30 days or less in advance that unit will have to pay an amount of Rs.10000/- to the federation and/or that unit might be debarred from all activities of the Federation for one year.

Period of Tournament

National championships and other Tournaments shall be completed within the period specified against each..
1. Senior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 6 Days
2. Junior National & Inter State Carrom Championship 6 Days
3. Sub-Junior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 6 Days
4. Federation Cup Carrom Tournament 4 Days
5. All India Ranking Tournament 3 Days
6. All India Invitation (Prize Money) Carrom Tournament 3 Days
7. Institutional National Carrom Championship 5 Days
8. Zonal Carrom Championship 3 Days
9. International Test Match 1 Day


The events are specified below, shall be organised during national Championships and other Tournaments.

1. Singles and Inter-State Team events (separately for male and female players) Senior, Junior and Sub-junior National & Inter-State Championships, Inter-Institution and Zonal/Inter-Zonal National Championships.
2. Veteran Singles (for men and women players above 50 years of age) Senior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship
3. Youth Singles (for boys and girls below 21 years of age) Junior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship
4. Cadet Singles (for boys and girls below 12 years of age) Sub-junior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship
5. Singles & Doubles both in men and/or women sections Federation Cup, Ranking and Invitation Tournaments
6. Team event based on best of three Singles Test Matches

Number of Players Officials

  1. The number of players from each unit, as mentioned below, shall be eligible to participate in different Championships/Tournaments.
    1. Senior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 6 men, 6 women, 2 men veteran and 2 women veteran players from each unit
    2. Junior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 6 boys, 6 girls, 2 youth boys and 2 youth girls players from each unit
    3. Sub-junior National & Inter-State Carrom Championship 6 boys, 6 girls, 2 cadet boys and 2 cadet girls players from each unit
    4. Inter-Institution National Carrom Championship 6 men and 6 women players from each unit
    5. Federation Cup and other Ranking Tournaments 4 men and 4 women players from each unit besides 8 men and 8 women National Ranked players
    6. All India Invitation (Prize Money)Carrom Tournament A minimum of 2 men and/or 2 women players from each unit besides 8 men/women National Ranked players
    7. International / Inter-School / Inter-District Test Matches 4 male and/or 4 female players from each participating team
  2. Cadet, Youth and Veteran players are not eligible to participate in other events of Sub-junior, Junior and Senior National & Inter-State Championships respectively.
  3. The host can field 8 extra players in each Singles event of all National Championships and 4 extra players in each Singles event of the Federation Cup and other Ranking Tournaments. The host can also field 4 extra Cadets Boys & 4 extra Cadet Girls in Sub-junior National & Inter-State Carrom Championships, 4 extra Youth Boys & 4 extra Youth Girls in Junior National & Inter-State Carrom Championships and 2 extra veteran men players and 2 extra veteran women players in Senior National & Inter-State Carrom championships. In the invitation Tournaments, the host can field upto 32 extra male players 16 extra female players.
  4. For a team consisting of more than 10 players, two officials can accompany a contingent. For a team consisting of ten or less players only one official can accompany the team. The manager for the girls/women team shall necessarily be a lady.

Entries and Entry Fee

  1. No State Association or Associate Member hosting any Tournament/Championship approved/sanctioned by AICF shall accept entries directly or indirectly from any individual/Association/Institution who are not members of the AICF, without specific approval of the Federation.
  2. The affiliated units shall submit their entries on prescribed proforma only, signed by the Secretary of the Association/Associate Member. The entry from along with entry fee shall be sent to the AICF headquarters.
  3. The Entry Fee for all categories of Tournaments, shall be as under:
    1. Single Rs. 50 per player
    2. Doubles Rs. 100 per pair
    3. Team Championship Rs. 300 per team
  4. Entry fee must be remitted in cash or through Demand Draft Drawn in favour of the ‘All India Carrom Federation’ payable at Delhi. Cheques shall not be accepted.
  5. Entries NOT accompanied by the entry fee shall be liable to be rejected. 
  6. The All India Carrom Federation / Championship or Tournament Committee may reject any entry without accessing any reason



  1. Players of those units who pay their annual subscription and other dues by 30th june each year and upto 30th September on seeking readmission, shall be eligible to participate in different activities of the federation, as per provision of the rules & regulations of the AICF.
  2. Players of such Associations who organizer their State/District championship, which is a prerequisite for participation in any national etc, are eligible to participate in different activities of the Fedration, as per clause 15(5) of the Rules & Regulations of the AICF.
  3. Participation in junior and / sub junior National is a prerequisite for participation in the senior National Championship.


  1. All tournaments organized under the auspices of the Federation and / or with the approval of the Federation, shall be open to ‘registered’ players from State Associations/Associate Members affiliated to the Federation. However, direct entries from individual players where no State Association is in existence, may be accepted, at the discretion of the Federation.
  2. It is compulsory for every player to get himself/herself registered with the Federation every year before he/she participates in any tournament conducted by the District/State Association/Associate Member or the Federation.
  3. Each year, by 31st May, every player must apply for registration/renewal in the prescribed form along with latest photograph.
  4. A player once registered with a particular unit will not be allowed to represent another unit until and unless he/she seeks transfer as per transfer policy by 31st May.
  5. The registration Fees is Rs.30/- per player per year. The Registration Cards issued shall be renewed every year. The renewal fee shall be the same i.e. Rs.30/-.
  6. All those players who are not registered members of the Federation shall NOT be allowed to participate in any activity of the Federation without any warning or notice. In case any player who is not a registered member and found to be participating in any Championship/Tournament, shall be stopped from playing further and disciplinary action initiated.
  7. The Federation shall invariably verify the registration cards of players before or during any Championship/Tournament.
  8. If a player registers himself/herself as a member of particular unit, he/she remains the member of that particular unit even if he/she does not participate in any tournament conducted by the Federation during the last and/or current year. He/she can represents a new unit only after getting the transfer as per rules of the Federation.
  9. The registered players or officials of any affiliated unit shall not be allowed to represent the other affiliated units of the AICF either as a player or as a Manager/Coach or in any other capacity in any Championship/Tournaments. However, officials representing a particular unit in any Tournament of senior category can represent the other unit in sub-junior and junior nationals.
  10. Players of those units who do not clear their dues towards Registration Fee shall not be allowed to participate in any Championship/Tournament.
  11. The card, if lost, shall be reported to the police and copy of the report sent to the Federation for issue of a duplicate card with a request through the concerned unit and fee of Rs.50/- for issue of duplicate card. The new card would be issued for the same period for which the old card was issued.

Transfer of Players

A player who is representing a State Association or an Associate Member and is a registered Member of that unit shall not be allowed to represent other affiliated units(s) of the AICF in any activity of the Federation during the same year or during the next year unless the Federation approves the transfer of that player as per provisions of clause 38 of the Rules & Regulations of AICF, which is reproduced below:

“A player representing a State/Institution under the jurisdiction of an Association or an Associate Member (hereinafter called the first Association) and who desires to be transferred to another Association or an Associate Member (hereinafter called the second Association) shall apply in the prescribed form under registered post to the General Secretary of the Federation by 31 st May. Application for transfer not received within the time prescribed shall not considered. A player seeking transfer shall enclose a No Objection Certificate from the first Association and shall remit an amount of Rs.200/- towards transfer fee. The decision of the General Secretary of the Federation on such application shall be final.”

Age and Age Certificate

  1. Entries in ‘ junior ‘ and ‘sub-junior’ categories of championships shall be restricted to the players below the age of 18 years and 14 years respectively on the date of draw. Entries in ‘Cadet’ and ‘Youth’ categories shall be restricted to the players below the age of 12 years and 21 years respectively on the date of Draw. Entries in Veteran Singles events are restricted to the players above the age of 45 years as on the date of Draw.
  2. In case of veteran players, satisfactory age proof by way of school certificate/service records shall be sent along with the entry from. For Junior, Sub-Junior and Cadet and Youth players satisfactory age proof by way of school certificate in case of students and age proof certificates attested by 1st class Magistrate/Municipality Gram Panchayat in case of non-students must accompany the entry form.



  1. Players/Managers/Coaches/Candidate umpires shall be provided unfinished unfurnished accommodation fom a day prior to a day after the champion/tournament organized under the auspices of AICF.Managers and Coaches must Stay with the teams.However,in exceptional cases,accommodation may be provided to some participants on the night of day after the tournament.
  2. Expenditure on lodging, if any, for unauthorized early arrivals and overstay or for “uninvited/unauthorized: persons accompanying the team, shall be borne by the teams/incumbents.
  3. Furnished accommodation from a day prior to a day after shall be provided to ‘Ranked’players if invited fro some tournaments, etc.
  4. Umpires and Championship Committee Members will also be provided furnished accommodation from a day prior to a day after.

Players,Managers and candidate Umpires shall be entitled for ‘Boarding ‘ from a day prior till the complete elimination of the team from te Championship/Tournament.

Dearness Allowance

Dearness Allowance may be paid as per details given below:

Rs. Per day
1. All India Panel Umpires 60*
2. Asstt. Chief Referee 90
3. Chief Referee/Technical Delegates/C.C. Members 100
4. Technical Director/Vice-Chairman/Dy. Tournament Director 125
5. Chairman/Tournament Director 200

* In addition to DA amount of Rs.60, Umpires shall also be paid Washing Allowance @ Rs.15/- per day for the actual period of the Championship/Tournament.

D.A. as above shall be paid from a day prior to a day after the Championship/Tournament if they report at the venue one day prior and leave on the day after the Championship/Tournament otherwise it shall be paid for the actual period they report for the Championship/Tournament.

Travelling Allowance

Concessional train fare,as announced by the Ministry of Railways from time to time.For the Sleeper(2nd) class’ on the basis of shortest route, shall be paid to the All India Panel Umpire, Champions Committee Members and ‘Ranked’ players invited separately for the tournament.However, for area, where no train facility are available actual bus fare(ordinary class) may be paid to them.

Incidental Expenses

All India Umpire, Champions Committee Member and ‘Ranked’ players invite separately for the tournament shall be entitled fro accidental expenses @ RS 5/- per 100 Km on the basis of shortest route.


Boarding (or DA)/Lodging facility and traveling Expenses etc. shall be paid to the participants (all categories) only on their furnishing an undertaking that they have neither claimed/nor shall claim TA/DA and/or expenses toward lodging from their employer/Association/Sports Board/Sports Council etc.


Participants of all championships/tournaments shall be received and dropped at the railway station. They shall be provided to and fro transport daily from/to the lodges to/from the venue if the venue is not at a walkable distance.

System for Organizing Events

Individual Events

All individual events shall be played on Knock-out basis as per ‘Law of Carrom’ except in Tournaments organized under the instruction of the International Carrom Federation.
Team events/Inter-State Championship

  1. A team for any tie of the team championship shall consist of four out of six players already entered for the National Championship. Players may be changed from amongst six in the next round, if desired by the Captain/Manager of the Team. The names shall be submitted to the Chief Referee half-an-hour before the time fixed for a tie of the Team Championship. In case names for the tie are not submitted half-an-hour before the fixed time, walkover is liable to be awarded to the opponent team.
  2. Each tie shall consist of two Singles and one Doubles to be played simultaneously. The team winning a tie in the league shall be awarded two points irrespective of the fact that it wins by a 3-0 or 2-1 margin.
  3. The team event shall be played on the basis of league-cum-knockout basis.
  4. The matches in each Zone shall be played on the basis of “total league”. All the matches of the league shall be played on the basis of best three games of eight boards or 25 points whichever is earlier.
  5. All knock-out matches of the Team/Inter-State events shall be played on the basis of best three games of 25 points each.
  6. If upto seven teams are entered, all ties shall be played on ’round robin league’ basis. The position of the teams shall be decided on the basis of aggregate points secured by the teams in the league. No Knock-out round shall be organized to decide their position in Tournament/Championship.
  7. If Seven to eleven teams are entered, all the teams shall be divided into two zones. The strength of each zone shall be with a maximum difference of one.
  8. If twelve to twenty-seven teams are entered, all the teams shall be divided into four zones. The strength of each zone shall be with a maximum difference of one.
  9. If twenty-eight or more teams are entered, the teams shall be divided into eight zones. The strength of each zone shall be with a maximum difference of one.
  10. In case of tie of points between two teams for top two places in any zone, the earlier result of the tie played between the two teams shall decide their relative position. In case of tie among more than two teams, the position of these teams shall be determined on the basis of games aggregate for and against the matches played earlier in the group/zone. In case there is again a tie even at this stage, the points average for and against shall be taken into account and their position determined.


Time Schedule and Venue

  1. The complete draw and schedule of matches for all the events shall be prepared 15 days before the actual date of commencement of the championship at the AICF headquarters at New Delhi and circulated at the venue one day before the Championship/Tournament. It would also be hosted on the website of the Federation for immediate information of units/players.
  2. A copy of Draw and Schedule of Matches shall be put on the Notice Board and shall serve as the official intimation to the competitors regarding the program and time of play.
Officials for the Draw

  1. The Technical Director with the help of Technical Delegates, if any, Chief Referee, Assistant Chief Referees and two Championship Committee Members responsible for the Draw shall take out the DRAW for all events of the Championship/ Tournament and prepare the Schedule of Matches.
  2. Competing Associations/Members are entitled to be represented at the Draw.
Change in the Time Schedule

The Schedule/Draw shall not be altered even if both the captains/Managers mutually agree for the same.However, the Championship Committee shall have every right to alter/amend/cancel the program, if need be.
Late Receipt Of Entries

Entries received after the last date shall NOT be included in the Draw for all events.

  1. The championship/tournament committee shall not permit any alteration to the published Draw except where the orignal player is prevented from competing through illness,injury,or,other unavoidable hindrance,NO substitution can be made in case of ‘seeded players.
  2. Such substitution can take place right till the time the first session of the particular event for which the substitution has been sought, has started.But once begun, no substitution shall take place at all.However, if a player/pair have genuinely fallen ill after having started playing, the results of the player/pair shall stand.But remaining matches in which he/she is not to play,shall be declared to have been won by his/her opponent 25-0, 25-0.
  3. Substitution in Single is permitted to enable a state/.Institution player to replace a player from the same state/Institution provided that the original player does not participate in the competition.
  4. Substitution in doubles is permitted to enable a doubles pair have a substitute partner provided the constitution of no other doubles, pair is effected.
  5. A player shall compete only once in the same event at any competition.
System Of Draw

  1. Knock Out
  2. The Draw for Knock-out matches for even numbers of players of 8,16,321,64 and so on shall have no Byes.
  3. In case of odd numbers of players in the Knock-out Draw, the extra players shall be taken in the first quarter etc.
Draw for Position Matches

  1. The losing semi-finalist shall play for 3rd and 4th positions.
  2. For the play off matches for 5th to 8th positions, the looser of 1st Quater-final shall play the looser of 2nd Quater Final while loser of 3rd Quater final will play with the looser of 4th Quater final, in the first round.Winners of Both thje matches shall play for the 5th and 6th positions while losers play for 7th and 8th position in the Second round.
Draw For Knock-out Stages of the team championship

  1. In case where there are two Zones,the fixture for the knock-out stage shall be as follows :
    “The top two teams of each zone shall meet the teams placed in second position of other zone and vice-versa in semi finals.Winners shall play FINAL for deciding the 1st and 2nd position in the team Championship.
  2. In case where there are four Zones, the fixture for the knock-out stage shall be as follows:
    “The Winner of zone I shall meet Runner-up of zone II in the 1st Quater-final; winner of zone II shall meet Runners-up of Zone I in the 2nd Quater-final;winner of Zone IV shall meet Winner of 2nd Quater while winner of 3rd Quater shall meet Winner of 4th Quater.Winner of both the Semi finals meet in the Final.
  3. In case where there are eight Zones the fixture for the knock – out stage shall be as follows:
    “The Winner of Zone I Shall meet Winner of Zone II in the !st Quarter,Winner of Zone III Shall meet Winner of Zone IV in the 2nd Quarter, Winner of Zone V Shall meet Winner of Zone VI in 3rd Quarter and winner of Zone VII Shall meet Winner of Zone VIII in 4th Quater.In the semi-final, winner of 1st Quater shall meet Winner of 2nd Quater while Winner of 3rd Quater shall meet Winner of 4th Quater.Winner of both the semi-finals shall meet in FINAL.


  1. The Draw for the ‘league’ shall be held as detailed below:
    League shall mean that every team plays once with every other team in its respective Zone/Group. The total number of matches in the league pattern shall be taken out as N(N-1) / 2 (‘N’ denotes the number of players/teams). For Example, if 8 teams/players are competing in one Zone/Group, the number of matches shall be 8(8-1) / 2 = 28.
  2. (ii) While finalising the fixture for the league, following system shall be adopted:In case of even number of teams/players, fix No1 rotate the other numbers clockwise.For example, the fixture fo 6 teams shall be as under.

    Number of Matches: 6(6-1) / 2 = 15
    I Round II Round III Round IV Round V Round

    6-1 5-1 4-1 3-1 2-1
    5-2 4-6 3-5 2-4 6-3
    4-3 3-2 2-6 6-5 5-4

    In case of odd numbers of teams, fix ‘ bye’ and rotate the other numbers clock wise as shown in the fixture hereunder:For example, the fixture for 7 teams be as under:

    NUmber of Matches : 7(7-1) / 2 = 21

    I Round II Round III Round IV Round V Round VI Round VII Round

    7-Bye 6-Bye 5-Bye 4-Bye 3- Bye 2- Bye 1-Bye
    6-1 5-7 4-6 3-5 2-4 1-3 7-2
    5-2 4-1 3-7 2-6 1-5 7-4 6-3
    4-3 3-2 2-1 1-7 7-6 6-5 5-4

  3. For 7 to 11 teamsSubject to receipt of their entries, the Winner and runner-up the Inter-State Team Championship of the previous National Shall be placed in Zone I and II respectively.Similarly, the other two teams that reached the knock-out stage in the last Inter-State team Championship and secured 3rd and 4th positions shall be placed in Zone ii and I respectively.The rest of teams shall be divided between Zones by lots.
  4. For 12 to 27 teamsSubject To receipt of their entries,Winner and Runners up of the Inter-State team Championship of previous National Shall be Placed in Zone I and Zone IV respectively .The 3rd and 4th shall be placed in zone III and II respectively.Similarly the four teams securing 5th to 8th position shall be placed in zone II,III,IV and I respectively
  5. For 28 or more teamsSubject to receipt of their entries, Winner and Runners-up of the Team event/Inter-State Championship of previous Championship/Tournament shall be placed in Zone I and Zone VIII respectively. The 3rd and 4th placed teams of previous Championship/Tournament shall be placed in Zone V and IV respectively. Similarly the four teams securing 5th to 8th positions shall be placed in Zone III,VI,VII and II respectively. The top one team from each zone shall qualify for Knock-out stage of the Team event.


(i) To ensure even strenght throughout the Draw and to avoid players from one state Association/ Institution meeting in early rounds, the draw may be arranged or seeded subject to the following restrictions :

(a) A maximum of 8 seeds, if there are 32 or more entries
(b) A maximum of 4 seeds,if there are 16 to 31 entries
(c) Two seeds if there are less than 16 entries.


(ii) The seeded entries shall be selected as the best in the event at that time and shall be drawn as follows.

(a) No 1 is placed at the top of the Draw
(b) No 2 is placed at the bottom of the Draw
(c) No 3 & 4 drawn by lot to the remaining two quaters of the draw
(d) No 5 to 8 drawn by lot to the remaining eights of the draw.


(iii) Entries from one state Association/Institution shall be drawn as follows:

(a) The first and second ranked players by lot in the opposite halves of the Draw
(b) The third and fourth ranked players by lot in the two remaining quaters
(c) The fifth to eighth ranked players by lot in the four remaining eights.


(iv) In addition to the sealed entries,if two entries are received from any one state Association institution, They shall be drawn in seperate halves of the Draw AND in case of not less than four entries but not more than eight entries from one state Assocation/Institution, they shall be drawn in seperate quaters as the case may be.


(v) Seeding shall be given to the players on the basis of ‘progressive total system’ adopted for selecting the players for international events and not on Annual Ranking basis.


(vi) In case of required no (2,4 or 8) of seeded players are not available for placing in the draw, the other players shall not be promoted for the purpose of placing/seeding.However the players who can secure some points in any ranking status tounaments. may be promoted, if needed for placing in the Draw at appropriate palce.


(vii) In Doubles and Team Championship events, seedings may be given to the pairs/teams on the basis of their performanbce in the LAST similar Championship/Tournament held during the previous year.In case NO similar tournament was held during the previous year, the performance of pairs/teams in the national and/or other Tournaments held during the previous year shall be considered.

Play-Off Matches

  1. Third in all events shall be determined by way of play – off matches between losing Semi-Fianlist.
  2. Fifth to eight position in ‘Singles’ event shall also be determined by way of playu-off matches in all ‘Ranking’status Tournaments.
  3. There shall not be any play-off matches when there is only one zone and the matches are played on ’round robin leagues’ basis
  4. All paly-off matches shall be decided on the basis of best three games of 25 points.

Umpiring and Protests

  1. The Umpire’s decision shall be final on all matters of fact.The decision of the chief Refree shall be final on all matters of interpretation of ‘ Law of Carrom’ and on matters beyond ‘Law of Carrom’.
  2. Protest, if any, shall be submitted as per Laws of Carrom along with a protest fee of Rs.100.
  3. The decision of championship committee shall be final on all matters and binding on all the parties shall have the right to appeal against such decision either to a court of Law or otherwise.

Championship Committee and Responsibilities of its Member

  1. Members of the Championship/Tournament committee for all the Tournaments/Championships approved/sanctioned by the Fedration shall be nominated by the Fedration.The committee shall consisit of 6 members of the host.The number of Championship Committee members may be changed ( in exception ) with the consent of the host.
  2. Official nominated as Championship Committee members shall not be allowed to participate/act as ‘Players/Managers’ in that Championship/Tournament or Vice Versa
  3. To ensure smooth functioning and the success of different Championships/Tournaments, the supervision work related to the Championships shall be distributed among the Championship Committee Members and their allotted work informed to them along with their appointment letters.
  4. To work areas include Boarding & Lodging facilities at the venue, playing equipments, Opening & Closing ceremonies,printing and writing of Certificates, distribution of prizes/mementos & Certificates, taking out draw for all events and their proper distribution, verification of TADA bills and timely payment to all concerened,proper functioning of the Chief Referee’s desk,etc.
  5. The concerened official shall be responsible for the alloted job.The local Association and/or the host MUST cooperate and help such officials in discharge their duties in an efficient manner.


  • Certificates ( both Merit and Participation) for all the championships/topurnaments approved/sanctioned ny the Fedration may be got printed before the commencement of the tournament in a manner approved by the fedration.
  • Certificates shall be signed by the Chairman of the Championship/Tournament Committee, Championship/Tournament Director, Organising Secretary and the President or other representative of the host State.
  • Merit Certificate shall be issued to all thoes players who secure 1st to 3rd positions in any event of the championship.However, in all championships/tournaments were play-off matches for 5th to 8th position are organised, players securing 5th to 8th positions in singles events also be issued merit certificates.
  • Participation certificates shall be issued to all the participants but no certifictae shall be issued to any player against whome any walk-over was awarded in the first round or absentees in the first round of the events.The certificates shall be got serial – numbered and record of all certificates issued be prepared on the second day of the championship itself



Prizes to first three winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd position holders) in all the events of all the championships / tournaments (except the invitation {prize money} Tournaments) shall be awarded. Since the manager is treated as part of the team, he/she also be awarded a prize along with team members in the team championship

Prizes Money

Minimum Prize Money for the All India Invitation (Prize Money) Tournaments shall be as under:
Singles (Rs.)
Winner 5100
Runner-up 3100
Thrird Position 2100
Fourth Position 1500
Qr. Final losers (4) 750 each
Winner 3100
Runner-up 2100



  1. Ranking for the eight ment players and eight women players on the basis of points secured by them in diffirent Championships / Tournaments as follows, shall be announced on the conclusion of the last Ranking Tournament of the Year.The points shall be awarded as follows:Position Senior National Federation Cup of other Ranking Tournament
    1st 16 8
    2nd 14 7
    3rd 12 6
    4th 10 5
    5th 8 4
    6th 6 3
    7th 4 2
    8th 2 1
  2. In case of equal pionts in the National and federation Cup or some other Ranking Tournament, weightage shall be given to the performance in National Championship
  3. In case of equal oints in Fedration Cup and Other ranking Tournamnet, Weightage shall be given to the performance in fedration Cup.
  4. In case any dispute arising out of this system for the selection of the Indian team, the decision of the selection Sub-Committee and/or the Working Committee of the fedration shall be final and biding on all parties and cannot be challenged in cout of Law or otherwise.
  5. Ranking of junior and Sub-junior/cadets players shall be announced on the basis of their performance in respective Nationals only, if other ranking tournament is held for such players durinfg the year.
  6. Ranking in each Tournament shall be announced by the Technical Director of the Championship or the person authorised by Tournament Director for the purpose.

Selection for International Meets

After 1st April each year, if any Tournament/Championship is oragnised during a particular year, points secured by different players in the tournament shall be added to their ‘Annual Ranking’ and the same system adopted for all ranking status tournaments held during the year upto 31st March. Hence, the positions of player will change after each tournament. On the basis of such aggregate points, the players shall be selected for Camps organised for their participation in the international meets. Their final selection is subject to their performance in the Camp/Selection trials to be supervised by the Coaches and the members of the Selection Sub-Committee.


  1. Players must participate in all Championships/Tournaments in ‘proper’ uniform designed/decided by the State Association/Institution. Players without uniform would not be allowed to play any match.
  2. All India Panel Umpires shall wear ‘Navy Blue Blazers’ as part of their uniform which they must wear during all the National Championships and All India Tournaments. The embroidered pockets of all the blazers shall have the AICF LOGO and the words “UMPIRE” written on top of the LOGO.
  3. The State Secretaries shall have uniform colour of their Blazers i.e. dark brown with the State logo on their pockets with ‘Official’ written just above the logo and name of the State written just below the logo.
  4. The AICF office-bearers/Zonal Secretaries shall wear light grey blazers. The Pockets of their Blazers shall have the logo of the Federation.
  5. The pockets of all colours (of the specified quality and shape no.) shall be supplied by the Federation on receipt of amount towards cost of the pocket, in advance.
  6. The Indian colour shall be given only to the players, Managers, Chef-de-Mission, etc who officially represent the country in international tournaments. Except such persons, nobody is permitted to use the uniform with Indian Colour. Hence, no player/official/umpire can use the words ” INDIA ” on their blazer/T-shirt/Shirt, tracksuit, trouser, etc., if he/she has not represented the country officially.
  7. In case of International Umpires, the guidelines issued by the International Carrom Federation from time to time shall be followed.

Government Guidelines / Instructions

  1. The hosts of all the National Championships and other Tournaments must follow the Government guidelines wherever applicable in oragnising such Championships/Tournaments.
  2. As per government instructions, the host of National Championships shall make good arrangements for the boarding & loadging of players so that the players are able to perform in a congenial environment.
  3. If satisfactory arrangements are not made for the participants during any National Championships, the amount of Grant, so received by the host/State association shall have to be refunded to the federation.
  4. The State Association and/or host shall ensure that there is no tobacco/alcohol advertisement in the playing hall of all the National Championships.
  5. The Federation shall be conducting dope tests on random sample basis during all National Championships and other tournaments since the senior, junior and sub-junior players have been found using drugs to enhance their performance in various championships. Hence, as per Government instructions, the Federation shall be checking rampant increase in use of dope for performance enhancement by stringent penalties in all cases where sportspersons test positive. The samples may be taken at the venue immediately before or after the match or when the players are taking rest at the venue or even in the late evening when they are on rest in their lodges. The test will be done for use of drug and/or alcohol etc. In case any player/official is tested positive, he/she will be debarred from all activities of the federation for a period of one to three years.

Governement Grant

  1. It is not necessary that hosts of all national Championships will be sanctioned grant-in-aid by the Government. Even if the government grant is not sanctioned, the championship, once sanctioned shall be organised as per schedule.
  2. The Government Grant MUST be used by the host for the purpose it is sanctioned.
  3. Since the application for obtaining Govt. Grant is to be submitted 3 months in advance, the championship must be finalised before that period and the firm dates informed to the federation at least 105 days in advance.
  4. The amount of grants (both advance and final grants) shall be passed on directly to the host under intimation to the state association, if the state is not organising the event.
  5. Before receiving the advance grant from the federation, the state association and/or the host will have to sign and submit “back-to-back” BOND to the federation in the same format, which the federation has to sign and submit to the government. The bond shll be signed by the President or the secretary of the association and the seal of the Association affixed on the Bond.
  6. Three original copies each of Income & Expenditure Accounts and Balance Sheet of all the National Championships must be finalised and submitted to the Federation for onward submission to the Government within 30 days of completion of the Championship. In case the accounts are not submitted within the specified period, the amount of grant, so received by the State Association/host shall have to be refunded to the Federation. It would be the responsibility of the State Association to ensure the refund of the Govt. grant for that particular National for which the accounts could not be submitted.

Telecast Rights

All telecast rights for any championship/tournaments sanctioned/approved by the federation and hosted by its members shall remain with the All India Carrom Federation.


  1. There may be four or five sessions of play in all Championships/Tournaments everyday.
  2. All players/teams MUST play on the Carrom Boards and with the Carrom men allotted to them.
  3. No unit shall conduct any program (championship or tournament etc.) disturbing any activity of the Federation. Before finalising their State Championship/All India Tournaments of the Institutions and their members or major carrom activities, the affiliated units shall consult the AICF, to avoid any clash of the tournaments.
  4. No player/official/umpire/coach is permitted to compete/officiate in any tournament or other competitive events promoted by any organisation which is not directly or indirectly, affiliated to the Federation without the consent of the Federation or the Association.
  5. Even in the tournaments organised by the Association/Institutions affiliated to the AICF, other than their parent Associations, the players/umpires/officials/coaches are not permitted to participate or officiate in such tournaments organised by such units either outside their State or within their State without written approval of the concerned State Association/Associate member or the Federation.
  6. No Player shall participate in any Tournament/Championship or exhibition match/coaching orgainsed by any individual or business house interested in manufacture or sales of carrom equipment except with the specific approval of the Federation.
  7. No player/official/umpire/coach shall participate in any tournament/championship or exhibition/friendly/demonstration games or coaching activity or seminars or Test Matches etc. conducted by any organization/Association/Federation/individual at international level in India and/or abroad without written permission of the Federation.
  8. Under no circumstances any appearance money may be paid to any player, without specific approval of the Federation/Association. If any player accepts the appearance money, such player and the State Association/Associate Member offering or allowing the payment of appearance money shall be subject to such penalties including suspension as the Working Committee shall decide.
  9. No State Association/Associate member/Constituent member of the affiliated units, official, umpire, player etc. without the written approval of the Federation shall invite any “overseas” player/official/umpire anywhere in India or accept any assignment abroad for any tournament/championship, exhibition match/coaching/umpires’ seminar or for any other purpose connected with carrom. Violation of this rule will attract his/her/their suspension from all activities of the Federation.