Carrom - Standard Equipments Carrom Board

Carrom Board

The Playing Surface of the Carrom Board shall be of smooth plywood of not less than 8mm thickness measuring not less than 73.50cm & not more than 74cm square. Adjoining the playing surface, there shall be wooden frames of good resistance with height not less than 1.90cm & not more than 2.54cm with inside curved corners. The breadth of the frame shall be 6.35cm & not more than 7.60cm. The Carrom Board shall have pockets at the four corners which shall be round inwardly and be of 4.45cm diameter, with nets underneath.


The Carromman, circular in shape shall be of good quality wood. The diameter of a Carromman shall be 3.02cm & not more than 3.18cm with thickness of 0.70cm and not more than 0.90cm and weight shall not be less than 5.25 grams and not more than 5.50 grams. There shall be nine Whites, nine Blacks and one Red of Carromman of uniform prescriptions.


The striker, shall be smooth and round with a diameter of not more than 4.13cm and not exceeding 15 grams in weight.

Stool or Chair

The stool or armless chair on which player sits shall be between 40.00cm & 50.00cms in height.


The stand on which the carromboard is placed for the play shall be at a height of 63.00cm & not more than 70.00cm.


The light (transparent, white Bulb of 100 watts) shall be hung at a convenient height above the center position of the Carrom Board so that when conical or square shade is used the light shall fall only on the Carrom Board including the frames.


How to Play The Game?

From the operational angle, Carrom does not call elaborate preparation. A game of singles can straightaway start with two players, sitting opposite to each other. A spin of coin settles as to who should have the first break. The Carrommen should be arranged in a flat position, with the queen occupying center circle, and the rest of the Carromman so placed around the queen in the first row, keeping white & black Carrommen alternately. All the Carrommen, so placed, as above shall be arranged in a compact round, touching one another within the outer circle. The opener shall have white Carrommen to strike, while his opponent black to dispense with.

In doubles, four persons comprising two teams, sit opposite to each other, occupying all the four sides. At the end of each board, a player gets one point for each carrommen of the opponent left on the board and 3 points for the Queen if already pocketed and covered by him. The loser does not get points for Queen even he/she has pocketed and covered the Queen. The player who thus reaches 25 points first wins the game.