(i) Age of candidates shall be minimum 18 years and maximum 60 years.
(ii) Candidates should preferably be qualified Umpires at the State level and/or have experience of officiating matches at State/ District level.
(iii) Candidates’ applications for examination shall be recommended by the President or Secretary of the affiliated units of AICF.
(iv) Candidates shall be conversant with English language.
(v) Candidates shall appear in the examination in white shirt, white trouser, black shoes, necktie and if possible, blazer.

Fees :

Rs.500. Payment may be made through electronic transfer or Bank Draft drawn in favour of ‘All India Carrom Federation’ payable at Delhi.

Examination :

(i) Medium of examination shall be English.
(ii) Examination shall be in three parts as under: (a) Written -100 marks (b) Viva Voce- 60 marks & (c) Practical – 40 marks.
(iii) Candidates who secure minimum 50% marks in the written examination would only qualify for viva-voce.



Written examination – 100 marks
(Laws of Carrom – 95 marks : Carrom General knowledge 5 marks)
Part – A  (30 marks)

(i)  2 Lengthy questions -10 marks each (To attempt 2 out of 3)
(ii) 5 Interpretations – 2 marks each

Part – B  (25 marks)

5 Short notes – 5 marks each (To attempt 5 out of 6)

Part – C  (20 marks)

4 Problems – decisions to be given – 5 marks each (To attempt 4 out of 5)

Part – D  (20 marks)

10 Fill in the blanks  – 1 mark each
5 Yes or No  and 5 Tick mark  –1 mark each

Part – E   (5 marks)

General Knowledge on carrom – 5 Questions – 1 mark each

(b) Viva-voce – 60 marks

Marks would be given on the basis of candidates’ knowledge in Laws of Carrom, practical decisions on problems presented on Carrom Board, ability to give prompt and correct decisions, presentation, IQ, crisis management besides educational/professional qualifications and experience in umpiring.

(c) Practical – 40 marks

Candidates would be asked to officiate matches in the Championship during which examination is conducted. Performance of candidates would be judged during those matches and marks awarded to them based on the decisions given by them, their presentation during the matches, writing of score cards, punctuality & discipline, their uniform, behaviour with players and spectators, rapport with Chief Referee, etc.

Certificates & I. cards

All successful candidates would be awarded Diploma Certificates and Identity Cards.

Uniform for

Light grey suit (trouser & blazer), white shirt, white socks, black shoes and

Qualified Umpires

Necktie both for men and women. Necktie & embroidered blazer pocket would be supplied by the Federation on payment basis.


All candidates who qualify the examination would be placed in B Grade of All India Panel.

Annual Fee

To remain active and on the All India Panel, qualified Umpires would have to remit a fee of Rs.100 per annum.